Located at 1000 W IL Route 173, Antioch IL 60002

Call Us: (847) 395 - 6101

Explore convenient in-water and out-of-water boat storage options with SkipperBuds in Antioch. Explore our comprehensive storage options and make the most of your boating experience in Antioch today. Enjoy hassle-free boating that's just a phone call away. We can pick up your boat in the fall and deliver it to you in the Spring! Using a large marina fork lift, we store your boat inside and away from the elements no matter what season so your boat stays clean and is protected from storms, giving it an enhanced resale value. Plus, we offer full winterization of all boat systems and shrink wrap services by certified technicians.

SkipperBud's stores boats ranging in size. We have 60+ years of professional experience storing boats. Our facilities are staffed all year long, with around-the-clock security cameras.