1. INSURANCE AND DISCLAIMERS - SkipperBud’s – Bay City Marina and its management assume no liability for the boats of its customers. BOATERS MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF ADEQUATE LIABILITY INSURANCE TO THE MARINA PRIOR TO OCCUPYING THE SLIP. SkipperBud’s does not carry insurance covering your boat, trailer or personal property. Boat Owners and its insurers waive all rights of subrogation against Marina for losses. SkipperBud’s will not be responsible for any injuries or property damage resulting, caused by, or resulting out of the use of the facilities of Marina, and Boat Owner does hereby release and discharge SkipperBud’s and its employees from any and all liability from loss, injury (including death), or for damage to persons or property sustained while in or on the premises of marina, including fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, high or low water, hail, rain, ice, collision, accident or any other act of god.
2. LENGTHS - Vessel length includes ALL additions such as bow sprits, swim platforms, anchors, etc. Marina Management may measure vessels after occupancy. Boats deemed by management to extend beyond acceptable slip limits will be reassigned to a proper size slip, with boat owner being responsible for difference in slip fee. Exceptions are solely at management’s discretion.
3. NON-TRANSFERABLE -The only vessel to be in a slip is the vessel registered to the slip (This means only one boat in a slip). A slip is leased to the Owner(s) named on the leasing contract for the boat shown on the contract and it does not transfer with the sale of the boat.
4. PWC’S ETC. - Personal Watercraft or other auxiliary vessels are not allowed in the slip with primary vessel (only one vessel per slip).
5. ATV’s& GOLF CARTS PROHIBITED – All Terrain vehicles, (ATV’s) and Golf Carts will not be allowed in marina.
6. FIRE PITS – Fire Pits are prohibited from the marina.
7. RV’s PROHIBITED - RV’s, motor homes, campers or trailers are not allowed in the marina without prior approval from Marina Management.
8. COVERING AND MOORING YOUR BOAT - Backing boats into slips is prohibited as it jeopardizes the integrity of the sea-wall. All boats must be slipped bow forward. It is your responsibility to properly cover and secure your boat. It is your responsibility to check your boat after severe weather and during periods of flood.
9. DAMAGE TO MARINA - Boat Owners are liable for the repair or replacement of Marina facilities damaged by their boat, whether the boat was under the control of the owner or not.
10. KEEP IT SEAWORTHY - All vessels kept in the Marina must be seaworthy and capable of meeting all coast guard requirements for vessels of the type. The Marina reserves the right to remove any vessel deemed not seaworthy or hazardous to other boats, boaters, or premises at the owner’s expense.
11. BOAT REPAIR – There are no unauthorized service companies or vendors permitted to perform work on boats located in the marina. Owners or their immediate families may perform normal in the water maintenance on their boat.
12. BOAT RAMP – Launching is for the boat referenced in the contract only. Launching of additional boats are prohibited. Use of the Marina launch ramp by outside vendors is strictly prohibited.
13. SUMMER TRAILER STORAGE – Summer trailer storage is available for a fee. See Marina Office for details. One week notice is required for marina personnel to retrieve trailer.
14. DOCKAGE SEASON AND RENEWAL - Slips are leased for the boating season listed in the leasing contract. Renewal of a slip for the upcoming years is the decision of Marina management. Slip selection is the decision of Marina Management, although all efforts will be made to accommodate the specific desires of the individual boaters. Slip reassignment may occur at any time during the season.
15. PETS - Owners are to clean up after their pets. Dogs are to be walked on leashesand are to be under the control of the owner at all times.
16. DOCK ALTERATIONS - No alterations to docks without approval. Approved rubber bumpers may be installed. Used tires are not allowed as fenders on docks. Any tires found on docks will be removed and boat owner will be billed for their disposal.
17. GAS CONTAINERS AND FUEL HANDLING – The transporting or pouring of gasoline is prohibited on the marina property and will result in the termination of boat owners slip contract with no offset or refund. Gas pump hours are the posted sales/service hours of operation.
18. PARKING AND SPEED – The speed limit in the parking lot and marina drives is 5 mph for safety, please observe the speed as there are children at play.
19. NO SWIMMING AND FISHING – Swimming and Fishing from boats, marina structures, or while underway within the marina area is prohibited. No cleaning offish on property.
20. CODE OF CONDUCT – Be neighborly. Boat Owners are responsible for their guest’s safety and conduct and must be present. Public drunkenness and profanity will not be tolerated.
21. NO WAKE - All boats are operated at “No Wake” speed within the Marina.
22. QUIET TIME - The period between 10:00 pm and 7:00am are designated quiet hours in the Marina. Boaters will refrain from entertaining or using radios, etc. above decks after 10:00pm for the peace and comfort of all Marina tenants.
23. WASTE OIL - is not permitted in dock or refuse containers. It is the responsibility of the Boat Owners to dispose of waste oil at an approved recycling facility.
24. COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY/SALES - Including, but not limited to those commercial activities noted elsewhere in the rules, no commercial activity of any type is allowed within the Marina except with the written permission of the Marina Management. No selling, advertising, or activities related to re-selling of boats by parties private or commercial is permitted within the Marina except by written consent of the Management.
25. TRASH - Boaters are responsible for transporting their garbage and other refuse to the receptacles provided. No dumping of electronics, batteries, etc, will be tolerated and will result in termination of slip contract with no offset or refunds.
26. WATER ON/OFF – In mid-October water lines will be shut off. Water lines will be turned on in spring when weather permits.
27. BARBECUE – Barbecue grills are permitted in designated areas only.
28. OTHER RULES - Other rules, as required, may from time to time be issued and distributed to all boaters.

BC – Marine Rules – Rev. 10.17.2022


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