• SkipperBud's Indoor Storage facility assumes no liability of the boats of its customers. As stated in the leasing contract, boaters must provide proof of adequate liability insurance to the office prior to occupying the racks.
  • Boat owners are liable for the repair or replacement of Storage facilities damaged by their boat whether the boat was under the control of the owner or not.
  • No selling, advertising, or activities related to re-selling boats by parties private or commercial is permitted within the SkipperBud’s facility without written consent of management.
  • Racks/Designated spots are leased for the boating season listed in the leasing contract.  Lease renewal for upcoming year is solely at the discretion of SkipperBud’s.  Rack/Designated spot is solely at the discretion of SkipperBud’s, although every effort will be made to satisfy our guests.
  • No additional material of any kind may be installed in, on or around any storage space.  Exceptions made with written consent of the management only.
  • A rack/spot is leased to the owner name(s) on the leasing contract for the boat shown on the contract and it does not transfer with the sale of the boat.
  • A two (2) hour notice via phone or SpeedyDock app is required to remove vessel from rack & place in designated gated area for customer pick up.  After hour pick-ups require two (2) hour notice at least two (2) hours prior to SkipperBud’s posted close of business hour for Pewaukee only.
  • After hour drop offs require gate code.  The person names on the contract must be present at the time of after hour drop offs and pick-ups.  SkipperBud’s forbids sharing or loaning this code to anyone other than the person named on the contract.  SkipperBud’s reserves the right to terminate contract if any such activities are found out and retain any monies applied toward said contract.
  • Boats dropped after hours will be placed in designated rack/spot the next business day for Pewaukee only.
  • There are no authorized service companies or vendors permitted to perform work on boats located in SkipperBud’s.  Owner or their immediate families may perform normal maintenance on their boat.
  • Boat owners are liable for damage done to other customers' boat due to fluid leaking from owner's boat.
  • Other rules as required may from time to time be issued and distributed to all boaters.
  • SkipperBud's is not responsible for lost or stolen items on your boat.
  • Hours of operation starting April 1st: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm, Sunday pick up have to be scheduled no later than 3pm Saturday for Pewaukee.  SkipperBud’s Nashotah West Campus facility does give tenants access on Sunday’s with the door code for the purposes of In/Out Storage!
  • Seasonal In/Out Storage starts April 15th and ends October 1st of any year.


Please contact SkipperBud's Pewaukee for more information.
1030 Silvernail Road, Pewaukee, Wisconsin 53072
(262) 544-120